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2014-12-02, 17:04
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Marianne and Hubi Zweifel- Switzerland-2014
2014-10-28, 16:34
3 weeks travelling together, passing a short time of life with each other. Spending time almost like a family, getting knowledge of each others country and culture. That could be the beginning of a friendship.
Franz & Beatrice Etzweiler Stein am Rhein Switzerland
2013-10-22, 06:37
During this time we traveled from Ho Chi Ming city northwards to Hanoi including the Halong Bay. Dat did a good job in showing us the particularity of his country. As we have let him choose most of the time the food in the restaurants we ate very well. In addition we experienced a wide variety of different kind of food and what can be done with all the many ingredients the country offers. It was a great time to try all the different travel means: boat, cyclo (three-wheeled bicycle rickshaw), kayak, and motorbike. The program was very much according to what we wanted to see still leaving as well the opportunity for some self experience. Thank you very much for your time Dat.
Gail Hughes and Mary Smith - Queensland, Australia
2012-12-02, 07:02
My friend Mary and I recently attended Dat’s cooking class, it was a memorable day, full of shopping, cooking, eating, laughing and chatting. The day started with a trip to the market, to shop for all our ingredients, to soak up the atmosphere, and get ready for our lesson. We had requested ahead of time, two of our favourite dishes, fish in clay pot and sweet and sour pork, and Dat was happy to accommodate us. That way we could learn to cook dishes that we liked and wanted to be able to cook for our family and friends. Next stop was Dat’s home which is where the class was held. It felt like being at home in your own kitchen, very warm and welcoming. So then the chopping and preparing began, and along the way Dat was full of stories of the history of Vietnam and of his own life so far. We drank tea while we waited for the food to cook, laughed together, as our chopping needed a bit of fixing, to look as good as our chefs. Then it was on to sitting down and enjoying a delicious mouth watering meal, accompanied by a cold glass of wine. The food was outstanding, and Dat’s friendly personal nature made it a day that we will remember for a long time. For anyone who is looking to do a cooking class whilst in Vietnam, you can’t go past Dat’s. He is one of the best.
Maureen Whelan - MBA Project Manager | From Canada
2011-10-22, 09:06
Hoi: Dat’s tour stands out as one of the outstanding experiences in Vietnam for many reasons. His knowledge of religions, culture and history gave our group great insight into and appreciation of Vietnam. He was thorough which encouraged us to ask questions and further explore many of the sights and activities offered in Nha Trang. Dat was also fun to be with which made our day pass far too quickly and his willingness to customize his tour to satisfy our interests shows he focuses on customer satisfaction. I encourage anyone visiting Vietnam to consider Dat to provide a guided tour.

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